2. oktober 2007

A boy named Friday

Eg er godt i gong med Jasper Ffordes fjerde bok om litteraturdetektiven Thursday Next, som no har ein son på to år ved namn Friday. Ettersom Friday har vakse opp i litteraturen (og då meinar eg inne i litteraturen) snakkar han eit noko spesielt språk:

Joffy reappeared from the garden with Friday, who, in common with most toddlers, didn´t see why adults couldn´t give aeroplane rides all day (...)
"Nostrud laboris nisi et commodo consequat," replied Friday with great indignation. "Excepteur sint cupidatat non proident!"
"Serves you right," I told him. "Here, have a cucumber sandwich."
"What did my grandson say?" asked my mother, staring at Friday, who was trying to eat the sandwich all in one and making a nauseating spectacle of himself.
"Oh, that´s just him jabbering away in Lorem Ipsum. He speaks nothing else (...) It´s dummy text used by the printing and typesetting industry to demonstrate layout. I don´t know where he picked it up. Comes from living inside books, I should imagine."
"I see," said my mother, not seeing at all.

Jasper Fforde: Something Rotten, s. 31-32 (2004)

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