16. juli 2010

Louis, side 49

'But now disembodied, passing over fields without lodgment - (there is a river; a man fishes; there is a spire, there is the village street with its bow-windowed inn) - all is dreamlike and dim to me. These hard thoughts, this envy, this bitterness, make no lodgment in me. I am the ghost of Louis, an ephemeral passer-by, in whose mind dreams have power, and garden sounds when in the early morning petals float on fathomless depths and the birds sing. I dash and sprinkle myself with the bright waters of childhood. Its thin veil quivers. But the chained beast stamps and stamps on the shore.'

Frå Virginia Woolf, The Waves.

2 kommentarer:

kristin sa...

Hei! Vi inviterer til bokbloggertreff i august, hyggelig hvis du ville være med! http://bokmerker.org/?p=6944 (Facebookevent her: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=102118659841381&ref=ts)

Aina Basso sa...

Takk for invitasjon, fint tiltak! Eg veit ikkje om det høver, men skriv meg det bak øyret!